darn you Ann Perkins

When I watch TV, there's two things I always notice. One: stained glass windows, because I have done stained glass and gained a new appreciation for the laboriousness of it, and two: granny squares. The number of times I've been watching TV with someone and randomly say, "Granny squares!" is preeetty high up there. Parks and Recreation's Ann Perkins' and The Big Bang Theory's Amy Farrah Fowler's granny square throws over the backs of their respective couches come to mind.

I always wonder, are these vintage? Thrift store finds? Surely nobody crocheted a whole granny square throw just for the set of a TV show. Amy's is very typical-looking of one from the 70s with the classic black off-setting these Crayola colors, but Ann's is bright and unusual and adds big mod lovely pops of color to her otherwise amusingly bland decor.

Oh, every time I see one, it always make me long to make my own granny square throw! Granny squares are so fun to make, and I'm color crazy. Arranging things by color is so soothing for me. Yet, almost nothing is as annoying to me as as actually joining granny squares!

Either way I'm crocheting my butt off right now making hats, so I think this whole stalking-granny-squares thing is one of those annoying "If I wasn't so busy, I'd surely be doing this other thing" feelings that will go away once I actually have time to make other stuff...


  1. I love Amy's granny square blanket because I'm definitely a vintage loving gal. ;)

    I need to get my butt in gear and make one. I'm always making hats or scarves or gloves. I need to tackle some bigger projects. The outcome is so marvelous. :)

  2. Yes, I too pine to make a granny square blanket!! Granny squares are so fun and easy :)