dolly acquisitions...!

Care of StitchWhipped and I arranged a little trade last week. She makes the cutest Middie duds, and Bonnet does not have a single thing to wear... so I asked for a yellow dress and Care created this, and also this adorable brown gingham dress that I just can't wait to pair with a sweet cardigan and some cute tights. We we we so excited!!

Also, I bought some pearly Middie Mary Janes from Jemgirl Creations. There's just not enough Middie stuff out there but I feel like these will be great neutral shoes that will go with almost anything! Don't worry, Bonnet! Soon you will have something to wear besides your stock!

I bought this blue Napoleonic jacket and knitted kitty dress (and the top underneath it) from one of my very very favorites, Reve de Rui. The Napoleonic jacket is going to be a present for a lovely Bloomy Bloomsbury belonging to the lucky L...

I also got these two sweet knitted cardigans from cannonbelle! My girls love to layer... you might have noticed!!

I can't wait till I start getting dolly mail... man, are these duds going to cheer my typically very dreary and annoying February right up!


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