Ripple Throw Progress Report: babiest of steps

I managed to learn a nice ripple pattern last night via YouTube (videos are how I must learn just about everything -- no shame!). This is the back of my practice square, which uses some of my left over worsted-weight randoms, so I apologize for the stray yarn bits here and there and for the... interesting colors.

Here are the videos I learned from, in case you're like me and cannot make sense of patterns until afterwards:
(I must say, even so, it took me three re-starts to get this right and took a little while to "gel" in my brain. The actual wave part isn't hard at all; it's always chaining the correct number and then counting stitches and stuff that is where I go wrong with anything. Numbers, arrrghh!!)

This particular one, done in multiples of 16, is actually quite a marked V-shape, which I think would be absolutely lovely in Indian Summer/retro kind of colors! (Future idea? Hmm!!) But as I am going for a really more subtle and me-ish white/ivory/pale pinks theme shot through every now and then with a slim gold or rust color, I think I am going to look for one that is less of a strong V. A gentle wave, if you will.

This seems less severe and looks to be a wonderfully helpful tutorial, but it's also in BRITISH CROCHET TERMS so it might as well be in Ancient Sumerian to my tiny brain! British crochet stitches have slightly different names than American ones, for reasons I cannot begin to make out, and I'm sorry, but this will confuse me no matter how apparent it may be to anyone else. But I have a sense of determination this morning, so it's on to practice square number two.


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