Leap Day William

Happy Leap Day!

ripplin' the night away

Ripple Throw Progress Report: Chugging along! I've managed to twice have to rip out entire rows both ways across (so, two and a half hours of work or so) because I've dropped a stitch and literally can't find where, so I have to go back to the last row I know I did right. I kept getting Opposites Attract by Paula Abdul in my head: I take two steps forward, I take two steps back... but it's made me more vigilant, and I've done four rows with no mistakes today!

Bonnet's pearly Mary Janes from Jemgirl Creations arrived today. Perfection!!

Ripple Throw Progress Report: feeling the burn

During the first couple days of February, I chained for this (252, + 3 for turning) and lost count in the process more times than I can even remember, made it through the foundation row twice (I would say this took about two and a half to three hours each) only to discover at the very end of said row that I had either miscounted during the chaining process or somewhere at the very beginning of the foundation row. As the pattern is easy to grasp once you're through it a few times, I don't believe I messed up anywhere in the middle, but it was impossible for me to tell. So frustrating! I ripped it out twice! I gave my poor hands a break for a couple of days, thinking there was just no way I could continue to work on one row for three hours only to have to rip it all out again.

Last night I made another attempt, taking it super-slow. As the pattern calls for multiples of fourteen, I simply chained fourteen, paused and ticked it off on a list, then carefully chained another fourteen, checked off again, forever and ever amen, until I had done this twenty times -- for a total of 280. (Then, of course, +3 for turning.) By sheer luck, it seems, I both chained the correct amount and began the foundation row correctly. By the end of the first row, I was so excited that I had the required one chain left over that I bounced in my seat.

Now that I'm on a roll, every subsequent row has gone a lot faster. The dip of the "valley" and rise of the "mountain" are much easier to spot once you've got a good wave going.

Despite the progress, I'm still quite worried that this third and fourth row (in a shade off creamy off-white) is somehow incorrect. I may find myself ripping it all down to the foundation white again, which I at least know is correct!