big blue eyes

I can't believe March is almost over already. I lost about 3/4 of it to allergies. I'm looking forward to April just because it won't be March!

Today the mail brought a pretty blue-green floral dress from princess51. I have another blue floral dress from her that I bought last year, and I love it! When I went to grab her URL just now I and I saw an apricot floral dress. Snatched!!

April is quite a blue month. When I saw this picture of Allison Harvard (internet sensation and two-time America's Next Top Model contestant) I thought, "It's April blue!" With my slight color synesthesia, I see Mondays, January, February, April, and August as various shades of blue.

Allison, who basically looks like a human Blythe doll, seems to have one, if I am to believe this picture. Is it just me, or is that an ADG Pleasant Peasant?

Middie window shopping

Do you ever see a dress and think, "Oh, that's totally my girl!"

Aury can wear anything by virtue of being a blonde who has an all around fun and sweet personality, there's nothing she does not love. And my blue-haired Drew is very amenable to lots of different looks. But Miss Beatrix just has a more librarian feel about her and prefers to look suitably vintage and/or polished. Plummery wears lots of layers and more muted colors, so she's always looking mori; if it doesn't have layers she just seems to feel not like herself. Miss Petaline (yes, "Miss" gets suffixed in the case of pickier girls) is absolutely the hardest to shop for. It's a rare day when I see a Petaline dress -- and an even rarer day when it isn't kind of expensive for my Blythe budget. She gets all the best duds.

I once got into a discussion with my friend L about attributing personality traits to my Blythes; I said it was not a voluntary decision that I made, that I just "felt" these things kind of automatically about them, while L disagreed and thought it was purely my personal preference. Then she got a Blythe, and I think she knows what I mean now ;)  Some girls just have their own style! Although, to be fair, I am eccentric.

Shopping for a Middie is way hard, because there just aren't a lot of Middie clothes out there in general (right now on Etsy there's only 7 pages of results, compared to a billion or so pages of results for Neo-sized Blythe) and I cannot find things that seem very Bonnet-y. There are lots of dresses I love that just don't seem to suit how she feels to me. Nevertheless I favorite them!

Love these very Macaron Q-Tea Party-suitable duds, a green crochet dress with a cute bow by bunnybrownie and springy pink and green floral dress by the lovely Tea from Taffeta Day!

This polka-dot number by hiblythe is a total Beatrix dress. If she ever shrinks in the middle of the night, I'm buyin' it for her!

Whilst fussy (I love fussy!), the allure of this minty Alice dress from kreamdoll is very great! It would go with Macaron Q-Tea Pot's minty stock Mary Janes, too.

Alas, Bonnet just hasn't found her personal style yet!

belated birthday

It's Spring Break for my little sister, and this is the first chance we've had to celebrate her birthday, almost a month later! My mom always does tables up right.

Along with a couple of other little things, I got my sister Simple Times: Crafts For Poor People because she has exquisite taste and loves Amy Sedaris.

Amy's craft room looks effing amazing! I spy a picture of Amy as Jerri Blank with Paul Dinello, the Wicked Witch of the West, and a stretch of obligatory bunting!

a March frock

Petaline is my most refined girl, so it can be hard to find clothes she approves of! As soon as I saw this dress from The Blythe Ghost I knew it was just her style. She rarely wears short skirts but I think the lace and rosettes make up for baring her little plastic thighs!

I love a good March frock, which to me is just a nice springy dress for those first pleasant days of warmer weather, suitable for Easter. It's so breezy and nice out! Great for taking pictures, except for how the wind tosses around dolly hair!

rust and stardust

It must be spring... I'm in the mood for these delicious bright/sweet colors. I suppose I've actually been in the mood for these colors for a while -- I designed my current blog layout around pink, orange, and mustard, and I'm crocheting a blanket with those colors, as you probably know!!

I am just satiating my color compulsion all over the place... I picked up some t-shirts on sale at Target today, long ago my sister gave me this Essie polish in St. Barth's Blue (it's quite pale), and I already constantly use my EOS lip balm -- so constantly that I'm on my third repurchase of the lovely sweet mint flavor.

It's amazing how much color can cheer me up!

goodbye, February; hello, March

Still ripplin'!

Here is what I accomplished during the month of February. I would say it's about 18 inches in height right now. If you're a Blyther, here's Plummery as a height reference.

I have discovered that this is no longer a throw. It's a full-fledged blanket, son. It may only be a foot and a half tall, but it's six feet and four inches wide. That's the entire length of my mattress from head to foot! That's taller than many Hollywood leading men, and about a foot taller than me. It's become so tall that it's cumbersome to try and hold in my lap as I work on it. It totally gets in the way... but that's satisfying!

It takes me a little over an hour to crochet across it once. Good thing I actually have learned to love that ripple pattern and really enjoy the way I don't have to think much about what I'm doing as I work.

On my mind lately (besides rippling):
  • my rice cooker; it's a full-fledged romance
  • Dan and Blair on Gossip Girl!
  • so sad about Davy Jones passing; The Monkees may have been popular way before I was born, but when I was very very little, reruns of The Monkees re-ran on Nickelodeon. My first musical memories involve The Bangles and The Monkees; my first favorite song, when I was a toddler, was "I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone." I have always loved them, even in the face of criticism! I suspect I'll be listening to The Monkees a lot in March!