a March frock

Petaline is my most refined girl, so it can be hard to find clothes she approves of! As soon as I saw this dress from The Blythe Ghost I knew it was just her style. She rarely wears short skirts but I think the lace and rosettes make up for baring her little plastic thighs!

I love a good March frock, which to me is just a nice springy dress for those first pleasant days of warmer weather, suitable for Easter. It's so breezy and nice out! Great for taking pictures, except for how the wind tosses around dolly hair!


  1. Yes, a little thigh doesn't hurt now and then. The dress suits her nicely Jane, and thanks for the promo.

  2. My pleasure :) And I agree, a short skirt can be quite respectable with a high boot! Bare those knees!