Ripple Throw Progress Report: dunzo

Yesterday I finished off my ripple throw aka ripple blanket aka ripple... tent? It's huge, but I really enjoyed doing it even though it got super-heavy. I know come winter time I'll really appreciate that it's so big and heavy!

It's about 6'5" wide and almost as tall (soo hard to take pictures of!). I lost count of how many skeins of yarn in total I bought because I mainly bought one here or two there several times over. But I was very cheapy and always bought things on sale or with a 40% off coupon, if I could, and I was working with Red Heart Super Saver or whatever a lot.

I started on February 7th and finished on May 4th, so it took three months, and it was easy as pie to work after the first several rows. I'm really pretty pleased and I hope I get to make another (smaller) ripple sometime soon.

Thanks to Attic24 for the pattern! I definitely recommend it!

Now what will I work on? I might get back to making little Blythe hats or I might do some embroidery...


  1. Oh it looks beautiful Jane ... I bet you can't wait to snuggle up in it. It's been so cold downunder I could have done with it myself this week.:)

  2. I was wondering how much yarn it took ;) I think I'll just order several balls and go from there.

  3. Wow, You have many blythes! ^^

  4. Aw, I will send you lots of lovely warm ripply vibes, Sandi!

    Haha, let me just reiterate that this blanket is huge... if you make a more throw-sized affair rather than a full bedspread, it won't be nearly as many skeins as I used, for sure!

    I have 7 Neo-sized Blythes and one Middie, Morellowa! :)

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