hot outside; cold inside!

Surrounded by embroidery floss and hoops... florals... scraps of felt... and a bad tendency to sort things into color families kicking up and causing me to rearrange all my shelves and dress all my Blythes accordingly!

While embroidering, I've been watching (or rather, listening to) makeup videos on YouTube, just as background noise. I don't wear makeup all too often, even though I like it in general -- much more, I like watching organization videos! I love seeing how people organize their collections and talk about their passions!

Particularly fun was to see some of these big beauty gurus who actually borderline make a living off of doing their videos do a $20 makeup challenge without their high-end products or brushes. There was some glorious schadenfreude happening on my part, let me tell you.

Other stuff I've been up to:
  • fantasizing about rippling again... I really want to!
  • writing, writing, writing for a project that ends June 15th!
  • watching a BBC show called Antiques Uncovered - obsessed!
  • listening to "Threw It On The Ground" a lot... because it's inspiring???

PS: I have an adorable Deena and Ozzy wallet that I love so much I haven't been in the market for a new wallet for some time, but when I saw this one at Target, how could I resist? Well, I couldn't! Sheesh!


  1. Love the wallet/purse Jane, it's feminine and pretty...the sort of thing I'd probably fall for too!

  2. Thanks, Sandi! Pink and brown are my favorite colors and I'm just SUCH a sucker for florals!