"You go, Glen Coco."

So, Takara's posted pictures of their newest pink-haired girl, Coco Collette! I was really looking forward to seeing what her hair looked like! While I don't know if there's any stock pink-haired girl that's the pink-haired girl of my dreams, I have to say, Coco Collette looks so close and so up my particular alley that I'm pretty sure I'm going to snap her up! I love pink, peach, and brown, so I'm excited that she has brown eyeshadow, a set of brown eyes, and pale pinky-peach hair -- and I'm glad she has bangs, because I think I prefer be-fringed Blythes. Her hair looks pretty pink in these pictures, I must say! I don't expect it's quite definitively pink, but it's a pink I personally like. Sometimes official Takara photos are underwhelming. Vinter Arden's didn't even come close to capturing her magical hair color, which defies naming and can look very, very different depending on what she's wearing and the quality of the light.

I'm indifferent towards Coco's Lolita stock, except her cutie socks and shoes (I always love Mary Janes), but she looks very sweet and it's easy to imagine her fitting right in with my girls!

I haven't bought a Neo Blythe in a year and a half (just my adorable Middie, Bonnet) and I've wanted a pink-haired girl ever since I got into Blythe. I love Rachel's Ribbon, too, but her hair looks so similar to Vinter Arden's that I think Coco Collette is a better choice for me.

Luckily for me, a little webdesign job has fallen into my lap to give me a little bump of cash. As Ace of Base would say, I saw the sign!


  1. Yes she's a typical pink girl, feminine and full of personality. I would add her to my collection too, except I have run out of "purchase pennies". :(

    Do let me know just how close her hair is to VA's when you receive her.

  2. I will definitely take a picture of her with VA! I'm really curious to know what her hair will look like!