just peachy!

I haven't raided the Sundries section on Blythe Kingdom in almost a year, how wack. I snagged all these (and also a set of Prairie Posie stock, sans boots -- yay!) and I think I must be in a peach mood. Petaline and Beatrix are really excited about this stock Phoebe Maybe blouse!

I'm on edge waiting for my Coco Collette to be shipped already!! I'm kind of nervous!


  1. You sound so excited Jane, all about like a butterfly! It's good to see.:)

  2. These are great finds! I'm waiting to see Coco Collete in person at our local toy store first before I decide if I'm going to get her or not.

  3. Like a butterfly, what a lovely thing to think! :) Thanks, Sandi!

    How cool that you can see a Blythe in person before you decide to buy her! I'm so looking forward to seeing what color her hair is in person!