a wee bit terrifying

Mallow's new Brainworm chips arrived yesterday, so I had another go at removing her chips with the gluestick method. It did not work. I've never had this issue before; that method has always worked for me! But after the twentieth time, I just had to accept that those chips weren't coming out. So I opened up her wee fluffy head, pried out her eye mech, and disassembled it so I could soak her individual eyes in hot water.

Um... SCARY!

Luckily this was really effective and when I broke out the gluesticks again, this time they popped right out. But I must admit it was very puzzling to me to try and re-assemble the mech. There's a first time for everything?

Now I'm not too sure what I think about her dark brown chips... they look almost opaque! But at least if I change them out again, they won't be so difficult (I hope)!

Next up will probably be a hair treatment. Mallow is in Hermione Granger territory!


  1. That's something I haven't had to do yet Jane, but I will have to soon as I want to change the eye balls over to make a crosseyed girl...so I do understand the scary bit, I'm dreading putting them all back together. If I get stuck I will know who to contact for directions!! :)

  2. Hello, I just discovered your blog, it s lovely. And as for your eyes problem it has happened to me several times and it is really frustrating I have to say
    take care

  3. I accidentally made a cross-eyed girl just by putting the eye on its stick the wrong way, Sandi! Haha! Putting the mech back together was the most difficult part for me.

    Hi, Domi! Thanks so much! It's so odd, I wonder why some eye chips are so easy to remove and others not at all!