Mallow Sweet

My cute pink-haired girl arrived and I am pretty pleased with her! Her hair is a light and cool pink, but still pinkier than it looks in most pictures I've seen of her (including these). It just really reflects light!

Her complexion is very pinky and happy. When she is standing next to my Vinter Arden, Klara, she really makes Klara look super-pale!

I hear many Coco Collettes have come from the factory with some wonk in their eye mechs, and this is true for mine as well. (My friend L also bought Coco and has the exact same quirks mine does.) I've seen at least one Coco with a really crooked mech, but my girl's looks normal until you flip to her pink set, which has a marked downwards gaze. It also becomes harder to pull her string and flip her eyes from the pink set. Weird!! I haven't opened her up to investigate but this seems strange to me!

However, I still really like her! She fits right into my family perfectly. I'll take more pictures of her once her box hair calms and/or I give her a little hair treatment. Her fringe is really staticy right now! My girl has thin, light, and fluffy hair and a very airy feel, so I have named her Mallow. I can't wait to pick out a couple new sets of eye chips for her!


  1. Hi Jane! Her hair is really quite long and a pretty colour. I'll be interested to hear more about her eye mech when you get around to viewing inside her scone! Hope you are having a wonderful week.

  2. What a sweetie! I hope you are able to figure out the eye problem without much trouble!