sister stroll

My first girl and my newest on their way somewhere very important, I'm sure! School, perhaps? An "I Can't Wait For Autumn" party? I'd throw that party!

Mallow's head is currently unscrewed, and one set of chips (her green set) is only half present. I've never had so much trouble removing a chip! Usually it takes one tug and they pop right out. I must've tried a dozen times to pop that sucker out. I may have to remove her mech and soak it, but I'd rather get more chips for her before I do that...

I just love brown eyes on a Blythe! Mallow already has a set, but a darker brown would be a lovely addition, I think! I have the yellow set just waiting.


  1. Perhaps they are on their way to meet some boys??? They look like they are checking to see no-one's following them. :)

  2. Hahaha! A boy-girl party?? You naughty things!