cold snap

Happy October! October's my favorite month! I have a sneaking suspicion it's most crafty people's favorite. The weather's finally getting cool enough to have a pile of yarn on one's lap, and the season's pretty inspiring, itself. There's my lazy autumnal garland (a la Elsie's) on my desk.

Right now I am trying to save money, so of course I desperately want to buy a lot of yarn. Like, a lot. And ripple once more! This is ridiculous because I already have another ripple to do -- one for my little sister. And I don't need another ripple. Not even vaguely. I just want to have fun pairing up colors!

Stuff I'm loving right now:

  • deep-cleaning!
  • cinnamon-scented candles... still
  • Smith's Strawberry Lip Balm
  • Hoarders is back and more exploitative than ever; hence my deep-cleaning

Can't wait to carve a pumpkin with my best friend K!


  1. Your pictures are always so dreamy. :) I think you're onto something in terms of October and crafters' loving it.

  2. I love October too ... for me it's spring and things are begining to warm up around here at last! Spring and Autumn are both lovely times of the year ... adore the fresh smells in the air at the moment though, all the blossom is blooming.

    Your girls look great all lined up there smiling back at you! Quite a collection you have there now. :)

  3. Thanks so much, Amanda! That's so nice! :)

    I think I could love October bringing spring! One of the best things about the seasons is the change of air and the smells it brings. I love stepping outside to realize it suddenly smells like a new season!

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