pumpkin girls

Oh, yes. It is October. The weather here is mild and there is absolutely no color. My mom and I bought pumpkins for a little color and they are the only fall-ish things around other than my felt garland and cinnamon-scented candle habit.

My best friend (since 2003!) K is arriving tonight from the San Francisco area, and she'll be visiting me for two weeks. We met online and have met up in person many times, but I haven't seen her in several years. I adore her, have happy memories of our previous visits, and am excited to see her again, but I'm also a little nervous... If my ex-boyfriend is anything to go by, most people get at least minorly freaked out with a row of Blythe dolls looking at them. I don't think it will be a huge problem, and I've already offered to pack them away if she finds them disturbing, but it seems to be a random anxiety that I have latched onto in place of more esoteric worries.

But who could not love my precious Aury's face?


  1. Oh Jane I love your girls in their pretty autumn colours ... don't worry too much about your friend freaking out, I'm sure she'll love your girls!