Let's Make Cute Dolls

A few years ago my gal L, knowing my love for kawaii and plush, sent me this adorable book for Christmas. It's adorable and quirky and I love looking at it, but I've never attempted anything from it... until today!

I created this wonky bunny with scrap linen left over from making Freya's embroidery. Because I am terrible, literally terrible, at following patterns and instructions, I essentially did it backwards, so her head is badly sewn. By the time I was at that stage and realized I had done it wrong, I had sewn most of her together, so I decided to just finish her up and try to do one correctly another day. Her face isn't sewn on, just glued, but I was surprised that it didn't take me very long. Guess those Glee plushies really got me going!

I even knitted her a little bow and gave her a little felt cardigan. Miss Bunny Cutedoll, I'm sorry you are so wonky and appear to have been made by someone who has only just graduated to double-digits, age-wise.


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