not a grown-up Christmas list at all

I find the older I get (and I am plenty old, thanks) the less I can think of to ask for occasions such as Christmas, or my birthday. I can always think of things I need... like underwear, which to me is just about the least fun, fulfilling, or happy-making thing to ask for. I do not like anyone else to buy me clothes or accessories or anything that goes on my body in any way. I usually wind up asking for a lot of TV on DVD because you can never go wrong there.

But while I was seeking out a couple of images for a Christmas list post, I started getting irresponsible and picking out stuff I would never ask anyone for...

Like 2) new glasses... 3) simple acrylic yarn for granny square throw... and 4) a University of Love Blythe!

I have asked for 1) a super-basic and un-fancy sewing machine so I can continue my quest to improve my sewing skills.

Looking at this list, I don't need any of it like I do underwear. Is it about the most frivolous thing ever to spend money on dolls instead of underwear? Probably.


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