Blythe goals

My gang of Blythe dolls standing in a row atop my desk has really been a source of great joy for me the past several years. They truly make me happy when I look up at them, and it can be relaxing for me just to spend time looking at them.

It's fun for me to style them and take pictures of them too, but they often reflect my aesthetics and current color passions, so I derive strange joy from just having them standing around and also being really particular and fussy with the way I have each girl dressed.

When I go places, sometimes I sneak a girl with me like a talisman of strength, or just a friend. I like to have one standing or sitting by me when I'm crafting. I like to make little hats for them, so they give me something to do with my hands. If I didn't have dolls to make hats for... well, boxes of other things I've made are still sitting around in my room, so in my nightmarescape my room would look much more like an episode of Hoarders waiting to happen.

So Blythes for me are a creative outlet, and also like art/decor and comfort objects all at once. I don't consider myself a collector, even though by now they number enough to be considered a collection; I just think of them as my Blythe family and I have such an affection for each one. I even had a dream about Beatrix last night!

Anyway, even when I haven't changed half of them in a month (or sometimes several months if I really like the way they're dressed), I enjoy them literally every day. I want to indulge myself in some focus after a year of spending a lot of my free time writing, and not buying too many dolly duds or taking too many pictures. So I have a little list of "Blythe goals," or just things I'd really like to do in the coming year...

  • do ADAD for a month (I'm thinking February or March)
  • find a charm for Mallow's pullstring
  • buy some more tights, socks, and separates
  • give Gavin and Mallow a spa day
  • new family portrait to include Lamb!

  • sew another felt A-line dress
  • knit another hat!
  • finally, finally do a closet cleanout on Blythe Kingdom... why is this so hard??

Laughably Ambitious:
  • really make my dumb DIY lightbox more usable
  • make a little scale doll room/diorama
  • get a faceup for Bonnet and possibly Gavin

I have no hard, fast goals -- besides very definitely picking a month to do ADAD and sticking to it, no matter how boring I feel my pictures are or if I'm totally nocturnal and have no light -- but lots of thoughts/shoulds!


  1. your blog makes me happy in the face! thanks for sharing :)