knit it and quit it!

Hooray, a dishrag? This is only the second knitted item I have ever successfully completed (sans weaving in and blocking, of course). It was pretty simple, but I still feel proud because I caught myself mid-mess up a few times and was able to carefully backtrack. I followed this video. I must admit, as I was finishing it up, I wasn't really sure what to do, whether I was supposed to still be Yarning Over, but it seems to be okay... so I'm proud of myself just for managing to finish!

Ah, knitting. I'll conquer you someday!


  1. Hey it turned out pretty darn good Jane. See what a little dogged determination can achieve . . . you have mastered it! CONGRATULATIONS!!

  2. Thank you!! I'm going to keep practicing dishcloths and stuff I think! They are little projects that will hopefully teach me new things at a slow pace! :)