Lamb spamb

I do believe University of Love is named Lamb, for her lamby curls and also her Gwen Stefanian vibe. This morning she got a little hot water treatment and her curls stayed fairly intact. I really had no idea what would happen with them. Her bangs look better, too, and they do this funny little curl! It's actually kind of cute, so I might just leave them like that for now!

Changing a new girl out of her stock for the first time always makes me kind of nervous. I need to go shopping for some Lamby duds!


  1. Oh ah! Jane I have just turned into a very envious green tree frog!! I never did get around to buying her...she is lovely and I still have my eye on her.

  2. She's a real cutie! Maybe it's the curly-wurly hair, but she feels unlike any of my other girls! I hope you get her, if you like her!