strawberry lip balms

Every year, winter seems to get rougher and rougher on my skin. In my immediate line of sight I have seven tubes/pots of lip balm, and three more in my purse. I have to have a tube handy wherever I go, or I will literally regret it, my lips will hurt so badly!

I used to favor tingly mint balms, so I have a couple of them hanging around, but my skin has become too sensitive for them. I keep medicated balms on hand as well, but it's official, strawberry has become my flavor of choice. Carmex is good if you don't mind that medicated tingle at odds with your strawberry flavoring. Bonne Bell is a waxy childhood classic that you can't outgrow. I was addicted to EOS balms for a while and also really like their creamy strawberry flavor, but the best in my opinion is Smith's Strawberry Lip Balm. I've had my pot for months and use it several times daily and I have still only used a bit of it.

Honestly, I do not really love the way I have to dip my finger into a pot, but it is the most moisturizing by far.


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