cheered up

Happily, even though I've had quite a difficult few days, this dress I bought just for Lamb arrived today and perked my spirits.

Lamby's curls are odd to try and style! She's puffy and fluffy.

"How rude!" - Stephanie Tanner

I went this morning to ship a deer hat to someone in Australia, and to my utter shock, the price of shipping had doubled. I paid $17 to ship a small 3-oz package in a 6x10 envelope.

To be bluntly honest, I've always undercharged for international shipping. It's always cost me about $8.50 to ship a hat to Australia and Asia, and I just take the $3.50 hit out of the price of the hat, because I really don't feel right about charging a ton of money for a Blythe hat. I know a lot of people charge a bundle for their handmade items, but I don't want to make mine any more expensive than they are, and I've always charged $5 to ship internationally.  I have been okay with taking that dent. I don't do any of this for a living.

I went ahead and shipped the hat, since I was already up there with the addressed package and declaration form filed out. But I couldn't believe it. I still can't. I actually lost money. As February is one of the most expensive months of the year for me, it was so hard to lose that ten dollars unexpectedly.

Rather than complaining, because Cure Touch is my happy place and not my venting place, I'm just taken aback and unsure of how to proceed. I don't know what this will mean for the future of my Etsy shop. I mostly send internationally. I have shipped to Australia often. I cannot imagine tripling my shipping charges. Luckily my shop is empty right now.

To end on ANY OTHER NOTE THAN THIS, I'm pretty obsessed with this strange little k-pop song that has a "country" twist:

The video doesn't really do it any favors, IMO (it is terrible), but the song itself is a guilty pleasure of mine right now!

the coziest

When I got up this morning, it was snowing.

It's still snowing now... big, lovely, thick, gentle flakes coming down fast. I watched it for ten minutes, standing on my knees in a chair by the window, recalling "snow days" and how great they were -- that rush from not having to go to school, the whole day suddenly full of freedom and playing out in the snow.

I'm the opposite of people with S.A.D.; I love dour weather. Snow can be quite cheery and beautiful, but I love precipitation in general and always feel so cozy inside, knowing it's rainy or snowy out and I'm safe inside like a bear in a cave.

Some tweedy yarn I ordered from knitpicks arrived yesterday. How cozy! I hope the snow lingers for a couple of days so I can knit while it snows.

But for now, I'm in another window on my computer, writing a meaningless story for the fun of it. I don't predict it will ever tie itself into an ending, but that's okay, because I am quite happy in the meantime.

sweet Sunday

I decided to revisit this gnome hat pattern with yarn I actually like, rather than the only DK yarn I could find at the craft store. My BFF E gave me two skeins of delicious Malabrigo Silky Merino some time ago, and they've been decor for me since, sitting on a shelf with other pretty things. I guess I'm a cheap acrylic yarn girl at heart; I feel bad if I can't make something really nice with really nice yarn, and my skills are just not that great with crochet or knitting, so I haven't had the heart to use it till now. Anyway, I decided to bite the bullet and use the Piedras skein for this hat, which once plopped upon Plummery's wee head, was perfect.

I confess, after the first time I made this hat a while ago I was quite elated and tried twice more to make it again, only to mess up both times, get discouraged, and quit knitting for a while again. But I've been practicing my knitting rather a lot the past couple of weeks. I've made two dishcloths and this hat, and I was so pleased with myself that I decided to make the hat again.

This yarn looks and feels like bubblegum. So soft.

So far, I haven't messed up and been unable to fix it. I've "tinked," I've had the needles slip out of the loops twice and had to carefully re-insert. Knitting, man. It's stressful.

I have yet to block anything I've knitted; it's just something I don't understand as of yet, and will have to research on YouTube to figure out.

When I went out to the table, I found my mom decorating cookies. How cute are they? My mom is the literal cutest. I need a cookie decorating label for this blog. You don't know how often we decorate cookies in my house.

indigo girls

Drew and I looked kind of twinny today.

I'm mostly a natural girl. I don't wear makeup very often and I've never had dyed hair, except for some Manic Panic in high school, aeons ago. But since I've been needing a hair cut for a long time (it was down to the small of my back, when long hair stops being "pretty" long and starts veering into "creepy religious hairstyle" long for me), I decided to ask my hairstylist aunt for a trim and to bleach some streaks into my hair so I could put some random cotton candy pink in. She sweetly one-upped that, gave me a style shorter than I've had in years, and put some temporary indigo in so I could have some bright unnatural color in there while I was waiting for my pink dye!

This is a super reflective color (I practically have a purple halo when I am in sunlight, but it looks blue sometimes and violet other times) and with my super pale skin and very dark hair, I can look very easily gothy. But this isn't too much for me, as long as I don't fill my eyebrows too dark or go overboard on the eyeliner, and it will wash out so I can put in my pink.

It's really perked my spirits for my hair to be less weighty and to do something fun and random with it.

Wow, Drew, I feel such a connection with you right now, my little blue girl!