cheered up

Happily, even though I've had quite a difficult few days, this dress I bought just for Lamb arrived today and perked my spirits.

Lamby's curls are odd to try and style! She's puffy and fluffy.


  1. I like Lamb's curls, they suit her perfectly and the dress is glad you are feeling better now.
    Warmest hugs,

  2. holaaa acabo de encontrar tu blog, me encanta :)
    nos seguimos :)

  3. Hope your difficult days have long passed. Looking forward to your next post. Your lovely pictures perk my spirits :) x

  4. Thank you, dollinka and Sandy!! :)

    Sandra, I can't read your comment because I only speak English, but thank you anyway!

    And also, thanks, Nat Kat, that is so kind of you. March was stressful but I hope to be posting more now!