Nothin' but a number.

Today I am 30 years old!  It seems crazy.  I don't feel 30 at all, but I've never really felt my age.  I've always felt younger than I am, and yet at the same time, world-weary and ancient.  I was talking to my 80-year-old grandmother today and she said she didn't feel her age either.

This Pink Ranger hoodie is one of the best birthday presents I've ever gotten!


  1. Aww! Happy birthday, dear!!

    Since I'm sure you don't know me at all, I have been a follower and admirer of yours for a while but have only now gotten back into the fascination of blogging and am more committed to getting to know my "neighbors". I've always thought your Blythes were so, so lovely and that your personal style was very similar to mine.

    Also, your hoodie is just too amazing and perfect. I love the Pink Ranger, too. :D

  2. Thanks so much, Katherine! And thanks for introducing yourself and giving me a new blog to follow! :)

  3. Happy birthday!!! I hope that you had a great day. It was my birthday on the 6th May. I am now 37! Despite my love of Blythe, and dolls in general, I don't actually feel a day younger. I think that life gets better with age. For one thing, I care less what others think of me and I don't give myself such a hard time any more :) xxx

  4. Ahhh, why thank you! I never expect comments so I didn't even see this! I hope you had a happy birthday too, fellow May baby! My mom's birthday is the 8th! We're covering the calendar.

    Not giving yourself a hard time is a valuable gift. The older I get, the harder of a time I give myself...