November must-haves

It got very cold this past week. Colors are really starting to show in the leaves! When I've been out and about, I'm always in the ol' boots and often in this fox hat. I always gotta have an animal-eared hat.

The air is so nice and crisp right now that Nina is my perfume of choice. (In warmer, sweatier weather, this can be too heavy a scent for me.) And while I almost always gravitate towards either neutrals, cool tones, or very dark colors on my nails, I've been using this orange-toned red polish from American Apparel called Lopez Canyon. I've never used American Apparel polish before, but the application of this stuff was super-smooth. I feel so... red...!

Also, I don't know about you, but I've gotten started Christmas shopping...

Of course, my sisters and I have to have matching Home Alone-inspired t-shirts!! (Black because both of my sisters are so much more stylish and cool than I.) They're getting these babies on Thanksgiving Day so they'll have time to wear them during the holidays. When I was little I always wanted to dress matchy-matchy with my little sister. Some desires never die.


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