too early? nah

I'm about to shift into HOLIDAY CRAFTING MODE! For, yes, the little baby pink mini-tree I totally scored for $10 at Hobby Lobby needs some ornaments.

I'm really into the natural, sort of earthy-feeling ornaments I've been seeing. (Not a shock, given my love for mori and natural kei.) I love the knit/wood/linen/burlap ones. Yesterday I got these two little birds, who look like they're from the same line, but are from two different stores.

In the past, I've made some felt ornaments, but not for myself. But I knew I had the perfect oatmeal-flecked, natural-looking felt left over from a couple of years ago with which to make a heart-shaped ornament. I drew inspiration from this one by Shape Moth. (I love these, too!!)

It isn't as intricate or pretty, but it suits my tree's aesthetic and was so much fun! I haven't blanket stitched on felt for what feels like a long time. I used to do it so, so, so much. Still, I managed to forget exactly how to do it till I was off and going.

I'm getting together with my BFF E this weekend, and we're going to go look at holiday decor. I'm excited, because I actually bought a lot of ornaments... to perch on a wreath! Can't wait to make that!

Now I must go search out inspiration for a tree skirt!


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