cool front coming

Man, November sure did slink on by. Hard to believe it's December, even though I've been in the Christmas mood for a while now. Hope your Thanksgiving was great, Americans! Everybody else, psst. I skipped Thanksgiving. I'm with you all the way.

No, but really, I'm thankful for the friends I keep in touch with, the good fortune I have, my best friend's job hunt coming to an end (Yay E!!!), and just having a freaking roof over my head.

I love how toadstools are everywhere this Christmas!! Is it some kind of belated mori-esque trend? Between you and me, lurker blogosphere, I've acquired several toadstool ornaments. You know toadstools and I go way, way back. Toadstools and kawaii teeth are kinda my weird jams; I have small collections. This little gold one is for my pink mini-tree, so it's pretty small. I got a pair of them at Target for cheapsies.

It was beautiful out today; amazingly and eerily foggy in the morning ("This fog's as thick as peanut butter!" "You mean pea soup." "You eat what you like, and I'll eat what I like!") and pleasantly cool this afternoon. Our weather dudes say that we're in for some sleet, snow, and possibly ice this weekend. It's gonna get cold, cold, cold! So I'm excited to bundle up and stay cozy, have some hot chocolate, maybe watch some Christmas movies... you know, get crazy.


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