February craft store haul

I've seen this Pink & Cream Rose, Peony & Hydrangea Wreath at Michael's a couple of times while picking up other things, stared at it longingly. Even at 40% off, I couldn't bring myself to buy it. But I finally couponed up with a "25% off entire purchase, including sale items" coupon and bought it!

Picked up some peach yarn at Hobby Lobby, so I can begin my ripple! I'm so excited to ripple again. Just gotta decide on what kind of color pattern I want... can you tell what my current color compulsions are?

This washi tape was on sale for $2 at Hobby Lobby. How useless is washi tape? Pretty useless, I'm sure, but it's so cute.

Jewelry-making stuff was half off. I've been relentlessly on the hunt for a pull charm for Mallow... neither of these are for Mallow, but how am I supposed to resist acorns and toadstools? I can't. If I ever give Plummery or Klara sleepy eyes, I'm all set.

Fake flowers were also 50% off, so I got about $10 worth, since I'm still making little Blythe flower crowns. (I'll post some of those soon!)


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