mouse in the house

I got this really cute (floral!!!) box on Valentine's Day from my BFF of 10 years, K, and I wanted to share its contents because it's perfect. So me!

If you can't read the card, it says, This little guy made me think of you! He used to be an old freshwater fishing lure back in the 1920s, but now that he's retired he much prefers chilling on a cozy shelf at home.

!!!!  So cute! He's been painted and decorated to look like a little mouse! His tail is a little scrap of leather cord and it curls.

I'm always touched when people say something reminds them of me. I don't know what people think about me in general, or associate with me. But I've had pet mice and rats in the past, as you know, and I just really love rats especially. And this little guy is so precious!!

He's sitting on my shelf with Bonnet now!


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