weekend at Wendy's

I think when you repeatedly look up a specific doll on eBay/Flickr over a period of several months and then someone says, "I'll pay you for this website work," it may be a nudge from the universe to go for it. Although I was gifted a Blythe in January 2013, I haven't bought one since mid-2012, so I was really feeling the bug.

I love FBLs! I'm not sure why they are less popular than RBLs.

This is another doll whose stock I don't care for at all -- well, except for the shades -- but when in other outfits, I find her very sweet and irresistible! I love the combination of her bright hair and front-facing brown chips. She especially looks wonderful with a bob and a faceup... which makes me think... but I'm not making any advance decisions. Most of my dolls are stock (much of the time I do change eye chips, but leave them untouched otherwise, shine and all). This girl seems like she'd look great with a Licca body, though.

I hope her hair is not too similar to Simply Peppermint's! It looks blue to me, but Takara calls it mint green, and depending on the coloring Flickr users apply to her, it can look very blue or green-blue.

I'm really getting back in Blythe mode lately!


  1. Hello! I have this doll and lovely. The hair is blue-green. (slightly bluer than Miss Sally Rice) Peppermint's hair is lighter.

    I have many pictures of her on my blog, if you want you can see them in this post: http://www.thisisemily.com.ar/2013/12/blythe-wendy-weekender.html

    Kisses friends!

  2. Hi there! I love your Wendy Weekender pictures!! Can't wait to see her hair in person :)