Wendy Wednesday

Hey! My Wendy Weekender arrived! As I've done a couple of times before, I deboxed her with my camera handy.

The video is 15 minutes long, but the last couple of minutes is dedicated to showing each of my Blythes in their line-up on my desk. This is my 10th Neo Blythe! It's kind of surreal.

My desk is a disaster area almost always, but the past couple of days, it's because I've been making more Blythe-size flower crowns...!

I am not sure what I'm going to name my WW; sometimes names just come to me pretty instantly (Gavin being, oddly, the quickest), but sometimes girls take a while to name (I believe my Vinter Arden, Klara, was nameless for days). I love her sweet blushy coloring! But it's hard to look past her bright stock to see what she'll feel like without it. I like to leave my girls in their stock for a few days before changing them into something else. I can get very nervous about how to dress them. All that is part of the "bonding" process for me.


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