Windy Weekender

No, that's not a typo! When I took my new Wendy Weekender (she still doesn't have a name!!) out for pictures the other day, dressed in a pretty floaty dress with stars printed on it and a flower crown I made with some faux autumn foliage, the wind kept knocking her over!

If you watched my deboxing video, you will know that for whatever reason, my WW's body is really loose; if you hold her by the legs, the weight of her head will get the best of them and she'll do a back-bend! In my experience Blythes topple easily enough anyway, but this girl was no match for the wind.

Her name is taking a while to come to me. She seems like a girl who will have an interesting object-type name (more like Lamb or Mallow than Drew or Klara).

I gently combed out her curls, so her hair is very puffy now. I'll be giving her (and possibly one or two other girls) a hair treatment soon.


  1. Wow! its so pretty.I am happy that you have finally :)

    This is Emily Blythe

  2. Thanks, Sandra! :)

    Thank you, Xiomara!! I'm happy to have a new addition to my family! :)