conquest of cute: crocheted Wacom tablet sleeve

My best friend lately is my Wacom tablet (it's a small Intuos4). It may be the smallest size, but it's still kind of a large black rectangle to have hanging around in my room, whether I'm using it on my desktop or laptop. I can sense that if I'm not careful to keep it protected and find a permanent place for it, I will accidentally use it as a coaster sometime. I believe there may be tablet cases out there, but in terms of actually cute cases, not so much.

Years before I even had this blog, I made iPod cozies, so this was a big duh. "Have yarn, will crochet!"

The yarn is tremendously sturdy cotton yarn, a lighter weight than worsted done up in SC with a small hook, so it's nice and durable and fits like a glove. The colors are mulberry (I think it was a Hobby Lobby "I Love This Cotton!" skein), peachy-coral (Lily Sugar 'n Cream), and cream (also Lily Sugar 'n Cream).

It took me several days of crocheting to get through it -- the yarn is actually somewhat stiff, and I have a lot of natural tension in my crocheting/knitting. That combined with the small size F hook meant progress was hard on my wrist and I had to just take it easy and take lots of breaks. I rewatched the first two seasons of Community while making it. ("Hey, Britta, whatcha gonna knit-ta?")

Still auditioning the best place to tuck it while it's not in use, but I feel better now that it won't be subject to dust, fuzzies, crumbs, and me accidentally leaving a cold, sweaty drink on it.


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