Factory Girl

Yo, is it cool if I admit I got a factory girl??

I know they are somewhat controversial, as they're illicit hybrids cobbled together from parts that are perhaps leftovers, prototypes, or just not up to snuff. It's theorized these parts are taken, perhaps by factory workers, assembled, and sold on eBay without any kind of permission from Takara.

edit: She's actually a TBL, or Taobao Blythe!

Personally, I've had more and more experiences with a decline in quality from official releases -- terribly tangled, knotted, matted, greasy hair, super wonky fringe, clear lines left on the legs from the molds, increasingly cheap stock. Many new releases have required extensive fixing. This is crazy to me because Blythes are so expensive! I don't expect to pay so much money for something that arrives having to be fixed to the extent some of my girls were, or for stock I don't even want to use because it's so cheap-feeling. So I don't feel terribly bad for purchasing a nude, imperfect doll Frankensteined from unused pieces on the sly for half the price of a new (and also likely to be jacked up) release.

I just completely couldn't resist this combination of nearly perfect shade of pink hair, Dear LeLe Girl-style lashes, rosy lips, and these pretty eye colors. (She also has pink and purple chips.)

I've endlessly waited for a pink-haired girl whose shade of pink is not too blue, too hot, or too bright and neon, and I don't know if I'll ever see an official release with the perfect pink. I've always thought she may have to be a custom. I like very red pinks and very soft pinks. If her hair looks like this in person, I'll be so happy! She feels very "me," and I'm very willing to supply her with the things she lacks, like a stand and a pull ring!


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