hodge podge

Snowed in! As usual, it isn't possible for me to get cabin fever. Au contraire; I've been cleaning, practicing my ukulele, and wearing snow-inappropriate shoes!

Painted this little black plastic storage caddy that I've had for probably ten years... pastel pink! By hand. With a brush. It took about five or six coats and then a couple of coats of varnish. I don't particularly recommend doing this, haha! But I like how much it lightened up my space.

Fiddling around with learning what's what in Paint Tool SAI. I don't draw as much as I used to, but I'd like to figure out how to do decent lineart. My tentative pencil-pushings don't seem to be cutting it. I'm practicing with the tools by coloring in scanned in Disney coloring books (seriously) and free lineart.

I really like this lineart of a sweet mouse by twisk on DeviantART, available for coloring for people like me. It reminded me of my pet rats. I've had a fair number of them! So I actually colored the tail on this mouse in a manner that reminded me of some of my ratties' tails. They had pigment blotches that looked like birth marks. Rat tails are something many people are grossed out by, possibly because they look segmented, but in reality, they are very soft and warm.

This post is the equivalent of a toddler being like, "Look, Mommy, I dwewed a twee!" Will my mother see this??


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