Licca Life

My Wendy Weekender (who has been, finally, dubbed "Fey") came with a very loose body! When holding her by the legs, her hips were very slippery and the weight of her head would cause her to fall backwards, bending in half at the waist. It's really hard to take pictures of a doll that just falls over, so I thought maybe I should try a Licca-chan body out on her.

Lots of people prefer Licca bodies since older Blythes had them. Their size is almost identical but their stance is very different. Licca bodies look very innocent to me. With the less graceful "pose" to their arms, it really makes them look childlike -- especially with Blythe's big eyes.

Some clothes fit differently and some shoes I have and love (like the Takara Mary Janes) don't fit Licca feet at all. I'm also getting used to the way their heads tilt. Middie heads tilt too! I've had girls who are pretty much stock for four years now, so I'm accustomed to that. If I'm making a hat or something, I use a doll at various points as I pin and stitch on the antlers and ears (and sometimes snaps). I definitely don't want to fit the hat and sew on antlers and ears onto a swiveling, tilting head. They come out crooked!

Still, Miss Beatrix also got a Licca body. I've always thought one would suit her.


  1. Im got a tilt licca boddy too. Be carreful of his neck, can be broken :(

    This is Emily Blythe

  2. Oh my!! I'll be sure to be careful!

  3. If you are feeling brave, you can whittle down the Licca feet and shape them like Blythe's feet. I gave my customized Pickle Winkle a Licca body, and I modified the feet to be more Blythe-like. Heck....I paid $50 for these handmade pixie shoes that fit the overall doll's character PERFECTLY. I didn't realize that the feet were so different, so it was a done deal...I HAD to whittle the feet down to fit the ridiculously overpriced, yet completely awesome tiny shoes!

    OR you can buy Licca shoes dirt cheap online! I think I saw pics of your Wendy Weekender on a Flicker group about quality control! If not, someone else had the SAME issue with the same doll! My Wendy was fine, except her panties were like Licca knockoffs! I bought her better underwear on Etsy! Problem solved.