march of March

Man, Aury is just livin' in pink lately. Me too, Aury.

In case you wonder why I usually take pictures of my Blythes in front of a tree, I live on the plains, where everything is flat, and the tree in my backyard is this lone sundial, providing the only shade... and I think a tree is a better neutral background than the siding of my house!

Finished up this floral striped journal I got from Staples a few years ago; it covers 2013, plus January and February of this year. It's time for me to make the jump to this adorable green journal with foxes, owls, hedgehogs, and toadstools on it that my little sister got me for Christmas. Spot-on, right??

  • Listening to: Glee's cover of I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For; emotional and nostalgic.
  • Eating: A Snickers ice cream bar... don't judge me
  • Playing: Ace of Base's "The Sign" on my ukulele
  • Dreading: my major dentist appointment on Friday...


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