forever 31~

My birthday's coming up next week, y'all. I really don't care for birthdays. I don't like to be on the receiving end of that sort of attention, so I always request for it to be low-key. I like being wished a happy birthday, but any more than that tends to be too much.

I feel quite blessed in my life right now. I have my allergies about as under control as I can get them; I've been playing my guitar and ukulele a lot and it helps immensely with my anxiety; I'm not desperately in want of any basic necessity -- as I have often been in the past. I have more than I need to get by. I don't need anything for my birthday, or even greatly want anything material. (If I ask myself what I want, it's mostly just "I want to write...")

Since my sisters have asked me what I would like, I have window shopped and asked for a couple of things.

Yep. Adventure Time season three, some pens to write in my journal with, and MarioKart for the Wii. (For any Adventure Time fans, here's an interesting video about BMO -- pictured on the cover of season three -- being gender-neutral and an expression of feminism. "BMO Noire" is one of my favorite episodes and in general BMO is one of my top favorite characters.)

Anyway, lack of need aside, that's not to say I'm immune to cute stuff that I definitely don't need. I was window shopping on Forever 21's website and scored a cheap little mostly-pink, florally haul.

I've not got many pairs of earrings so I'm happy to basically double my collection with one single set. Can't wait to put that compact in my purse, too, although my current purse is so small, it wouldn't fit a makeup bag in it. I'd be more likely to put medication in them anyway, since I'm an old lady and all!


Get a load of that gigantic orange cat happy as a clam sitting on a purse next to my younger cousin's basket of eggs. Happy Easter.

I hunt eggs every year, and I am officially out of my twenties now. I like to give my younger cousins some competition. At least, I did, but now the youngest one says he's too mature to hunt eggs! However, his older brother (18) and my younger sister (22) and I all hunted. (As I was hustling around scooping up a huge score of eggs, I don't have pictures -- forever the photographer and never the subject, you know what I mean?)

The weather was so nice -- overcast and a little gray, but perfectly temperate and breezy. The horse next door came out (I always see them on Easter!), and it was a really lovely horse. I'm a bit scared of them so I don't tend to venture near but I'm happy to take pictures of them.

It got four carrots from us!

Well, I've posted enough cute animals the past week.

bunnies in the backyard alert

I saw three little bunnies in the backyard this morning. My guess is that they were probably going to hide Easter eggs, but they froze when they saw me. Two scampered away and one remained and let me take a lot of pictures of him!

recent dolly dud buys

As you've seen, I've been window shopping for Blythe clothes a lot the past month, seeing as how two girls have joined my family in a short time.

Here are some recent purchases!

(dress from Love Blythe Doll, hat from kinderland

Love this dress. It reminds me of something a 90s j-pop idol -- or, like, a Sailor Moon character-- might wear. I sorta have Mallow in mind for it, but it's definitely in Fey's color wheelhouse too.

Also, when Sophia posted pictures of these adorable pom-topped hats on Flickr, I messaged her asking for one in this tan-beige-pink colorway. I think it will look so cute on Aury, Lamb, and Mallow. (Check out her blog, cuteseum, and just look at all those hats!)

(8-skirt set from MINI JIJO)

Goodness knows I have more dolls than this set of skirts will even clothe! I also don't have  many separate tops. But I think the colors are perfect for my girls and may make for cute petticoats. That navy is totally Drew and I think Petaline could rock the black and nude skirts. Wendy Weekender's stock skirt is a pretty similar idea. Can't wait to get these in the mail!

coral crush

I'm crazy for everything coral this year -- from watermelon to lighter peachy-sherbet. I'm going to make a whole ripple with lots of shades I've been gravitating towards... I'm almost ready to begin!

Blythe window shopping

I'm still looking for a perfect dress just for my new pink-haired factory girl (it will be just hers -- I like for each of my girls to have something that is just theirs; factory girl has no stock). Her general feel is very different from many of my girls.

I haven't landed on anything just yet. In a couple of cases, I just haven't committed to buying something in time, so someone else snaps it up. C'est la Blythe vie. But here are some things that have caught my eye as I've been browsing Etsy.

I really like MINI JIJO's dresses, especially the little $6 ones. I love a simple dress that looks cute styled many different ways on many different girls. I have quite a few of those little dresses from their shop, as well as netted lace skirts. But for $20 -- my personal spending limit on a Blythe item -- these are gorgeous duds. I just can't resist florals at all and the netted lace on the shoulders and sleeves is so unique to see on Blythe dresses.

I'm also a repeat customer to this shop (I think four of my girls are in MissFreyaJ frocks right now!), since she also makes just what I like: simple, versatile dresses... often floral! The price ($12, and that's with international shipping included) just can't be beat.

I've never shopped at Violet Poppy, but these dresses are perfectly retro, just perfect for Blythe. Many of the dresses have sweet Peter Pan collars that always catch my eye. Love. This one with the gold netted skirt makes me want to dance to ABBA.

Love, love, love these vintage-looking petticoats from Macrocephalus. Just gorgeous. I love petticoats so much. I'm so tempted...

Factory Girl's here!

And what a pretty thing she is! I'm in love. Her hair is bubblegum pink, very long, and in wonderful condition. The front-facing blue chips and side-facing brown chips that were the extra incentive to snag her are lovely; she also has pink and purple chips.

I have no other girl like her! I tend to be attracted to more natural makeup on Blythes (my big weakness is blushy cheeks), so literally none of my other girls have the classic Blythe bright, defined, deep lip color. Her skin is actually very pale and striking; you can better see her paleness in comparison to my other girls.

Her stand, ordered separately, hasn't arrived yet, so she's just chilling.

So lovely. I'm very pleased!

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Today I did something that I've meant to do for a long time: I burned this box of notes from friends I've saved ever since middle school.

This is a different kind of blog post for me to make here. I don't want it to come across as negative, because this is a really positive thing for me! Cure Touch is my happy place, and this is something that makes me happy.

I've had these notes for over fifteen years. I haven't read them in almost as long, so I don't remember what a single one of them says. Their content would probably puzzle (and/or embarrass) me today; I don't think reading them would take me down a happy memory lane, but I doubt they're all that bad, either. Their content is not really the point, though.

It isn't the notes themselves that are bad -- it's the memories that I have about that time in my life. It's not just the notes I've been holding on to, but old scars. This box is symbolic of emotional baggage that I held on to for far too long.

I've been wanting to dispose of them for a really long time. But I've always felt that when it comes to these notes, I would need to burn them. Just ripping them up or throwing them away would not feel complete enough for me. But it was easier to just keep them stuffed away in my closet than take the step to build a fire just to burn them.

It's possibly silly to treat them with any kind of drama or importance, and after I had put several into the flames, I did feel a bit silly.

But I also felt great. I really did feel like an old burden was kicked away. If my adult self didn't really need it, I think my thirteen-year-old self did, and my adult self still felt lighter. Symbolic pain needs symbolic treatment. I'm glad that I watched this old baggage disappear. Mentally and physically, it's good to let this old stuff go.