Blythe window shopping

I'm still looking for a perfect dress just for my new pink-haired factory girl (it will be just hers -- I like for each of my girls to have something that is just theirs; factory girl has no stock). Her general feel is very different from many of my girls.

I haven't landed on anything just yet. In a couple of cases, I just haven't committed to buying something in time, so someone else snaps it up. C'est la Blythe vie. But here are some things that have caught my eye as I've been browsing Etsy.

I really like MINI JIJO's dresses, especially the little $6 ones. I love a simple dress that looks cute styled many different ways on many different girls. I have quite a few of those little dresses from their shop, as well as netted lace skirts. But for $20 -- my personal spending limit on a Blythe item -- these are gorgeous duds. I just can't resist florals at all and the netted lace on the shoulders and sleeves is so unique to see on Blythe dresses.

I'm also a repeat customer to this shop (I think four of my girls are in MissFreyaJ frocks right now!), since she also makes just what I like: simple, versatile dresses... often floral! The price ($12, and that's with international shipping included) just can't be beat.

I've never shopped at Violet Poppy, but these dresses are perfectly retro, just perfect for Blythe. Many of the dresses have sweet Peter Pan collars that always catch my eye. Love. This one with the gold netted skirt makes me want to dance to ABBA.

Love, love, love these vintage-looking petticoats from Macrocephalus. Just gorgeous. I love petticoats so much. I'm so tempted...


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