Get a load of that gigantic orange cat happy as a clam sitting on a purse next to my younger cousin's basket of eggs. Happy Easter.

I hunt eggs every year, and I am officially out of my twenties now. I like to give my younger cousins some competition. At least, I did, but now the youngest one says he's too mature to hunt eggs! However, his older brother (18) and my younger sister (22) and I all hunted. (As I was hustling around scooping up a huge score of eggs, I don't have pictures -- forever the photographer and never the subject, you know what I mean?)

The weather was so nice -- overcast and a little gray, but perfectly temperate and breezy. The horse next door came out (I always see them on Easter!), and it was a really lovely horse. I'm a bit scared of them so I don't tend to venture near but I'm happy to take pictures of them.

It got four carrots from us!

Well, I've posted enough cute animals the past week.


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