forever 31~

My birthday's coming up next week, y'all. I really don't care for birthdays. I don't like to be on the receiving end of that sort of attention, so I always request for it to be low-key. I like being wished a happy birthday, but any more than that tends to be too much.

I feel quite blessed in my life right now. I have my allergies about as under control as I can get them; I've been playing my guitar and ukulele a lot and it helps immensely with my anxiety; I'm not desperately in want of any basic necessity -- as I have often been in the past. I have more than I need to get by. I don't need anything for my birthday, or even greatly want anything material. (If I ask myself what I want, it's mostly just "I want to write...")

Since my sisters have asked me what I would like, I have window shopped and asked for a couple of things.

Yep. Adventure Time season three, some pens to write in my journal with, and MarioKart for the Wii. (For any Adventure Time fans, here's an interesting video about BMO -- pictured on the cover of season three -- being gender-neutral and an expression of feminism. "BMO Noire" is one of my favorite episodes and in general BMO is one of my top favorite characters.)

Anyway, lack of need aside, that's not to say I'm immune to cute stuff that I definitely don't need. I was window shopping on Forever 21's website and scored a cheap little mostly-pink, florally haul.

I've not got many pairs of earrings so I'm happy to basically double my collection with one single set. Can't wait to put that compact in my purse, too, although my current purse is so small, it wouldn't fit a makeup bag in it. I'd be more likely to put medication in them anyway, since I'm an old lady and all!


  1. Happy Birthday Jane ^_^ I hope you'll receive some of the items on your wishlist, all the pastel accessoires look so cute <3 And you can never go wrong with MarioKart and Adventure Time.

    Also I wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for the Liebster Award - here's the link to my post for more information and your questions:

    Don't worry if you're too busy to do it, but I really like your blog and thought it would be nice to nominate you :)

  2. Thank you so much! It was so sweet of you to nominate me!!