recent dolly dud buys

As you've seen, I've been window shopping for Blythe clothes a lot the past month, seeing as how two girls have joined my family in a short time.

Here are some recent purchases!

(dress from Love Blythe Doll, hat from kinderland

Love this dress. It reminds me of something a 90s j-pop idol -- or, like, a Sailor Moon character-- might wear. I sorta have Mallow in mind for it, but it's definitely in Fey's color wheelhouse too.

Also, when Sophia posted pictures of these adorable pom-topped hats on Flickr, I messaged her asking for one in this tan-beige-pink colorway. I think it will look so cute on Aury, Lamb, and Mallow. (Check out her blog, cuteseum, and just look at all those hats!)

(8-skirt set from MINI JIJO)

Goodness knows I have more dolls than this set of skirts will even clothe! I also don't have  many separate tops. But I think the colors are perfect for my girls and may make for cute petticoats. That navy is totally Drew and I think Petaline could rock the black and nude skirts. Wendy Weekender's stock skirt is a pretty similar idea. Can't wait to get these in the mail!


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