glances back through May

Fey and Clarke.

Rilakkuma USB drives?? Don't mind if I do!

"Ah, a lovely cheese pizza just for me."

Really cool and super unexpected b-day gift came to me from my bestie a week after said b-day... a mini fridge!! Did I buy cute magnets for it?

Yes. Yes, I did. These are from As I Breathe I Hope. Super cute wrapping, right??

A thank you card was sent post-haste.

Believe you me, I experienced some mundane/terrible things in May, too, so it wasn't all roses. But isn't it nicer to just focus on the roses?

the dire diarist

Pardon my Lemony Snicket-style post title. I've been cleaning out my room and closet and I just realized how many journals I have sitting in my bedside bookcase alone. I have stacks more in my closet dating all the way back to elementary school! Do I really want to have my diary from third grade hanging around all my life? I'm not sure, but I can't bear to part with it yet. Ditto for my middle school diaries.

In high school, I switched to digital journaling -- at first just in a text file on my computer, then when I got internet access, on blogs, diaryland, LiveJournal. I began to write on paper again after high school, and have journaled steadily since then.

I seem to get a journal or two every Christmas and I almost always use them. I just started that green woodland creatures journal on the right in March and I'm already past half done with it, so I bought a few new ones with the gift card my grandma gave me for my birthday...

Heart, heart, heart! I really prefer a larger-sized ledger to these smaller ones, but there's lots of gorgeous options available in the smaller size.

In the back of one, I tested the set of Staedtler pens I also got and wrote down each of their names, which aren't listed on the packaging but are available on the website. How pleased was I to see Van Dyke Brown? It reminded me of Bob Ross.

I also taped in a little strip of all the washi tape I've shamefully collected as a guide to what they each look like off the roll.

I love emptying out my noisy brain into these things. It's mostly boring listing of activities, notations of worries, and grousing. If I die young, bury me in satin, and also just throw away these journals.

It's my party...

... and I'll spend the vast majority of it sitting quietly in blessed solitude and reading if I want to! Introvert's choice.

Hot. Pink. Doilies. My mom, you guys.