All about the color palette of "All About That Bass"!

Check out this music video for Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass," I beg you, for the delectable color palette alone.

The song itself is catchy and an interesting blend of pop, country, and retro juke box doo-wop, and there's an interesting Justin Timberlake shout-out at one point. But in my opinion, its subject may be a little divisive. On the surface, it's about loving and accepting your body no matter what the size, but I think it's a complex topic that went a little awry here.

Soapbox moment: I am all for body positivity and seeing people of all sizes (and colors and sexualities) in any media... but I feel personally that some of the lyrics walk the line, leaning towards body policing on the other side of the spectrum. Speaking out against Photoshopping and manipulated portrayals of women in magazines? Yes, please! But, although I don't think it was intentional of the artist to sound critical or dismssive of girls who are skinnier, the attitude sometimes does seem to be anti-"stick-figure silicone Barbie dolls." It doesn't quite jive with the "Every inch of you is perfect/From the bottom to the top" tie-up. It sort of wants to be an empowering and relatable song, but I do think it would be wiser to encourage acceptance of all girls, no matter their body type, not just girls who may not be a size two.

However, I do feel the subject is well-intentioned in general, that the song is fun, and I like to support young women making their way in appearance-centric music industry where it's unusual for them to be able to have their own distinct flavor.

But let me just be honest -- I am all about this music video. At first glance I thought it was from the same factory that pumped out Rebecca Black, but no!! This girl is signed to Epic and is a songwriter, and its fashion sense and color palette are blogger-tastic. Slightly retro? Pastels? Floral crowns? Doll houses? Cupcakes? Pink hair??? It is literal eye candy.

My eyes, they like! My ears, they like! (Hush, brain, hush. Let me enjoy it!)


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