In which I'm Wayne Campbell.

I went with my parents to a couple of local pawn shops to look at their instruments. Really, we wanted a tambourine (which we got!!) but I had to scope out all the guitars.

I CAN'T BELIEVE ONE SHOP HAD A "NO STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN" SIGN. It was just cardboard, but the guy behind the counter said it had been there for over 15 years. Wayne's World is my favorite movie, so I can't even begin to explain how excited I was when I saw it.

Some of these were so beautiful. There were mandolins, ukuleles, and banjos, too.

I don't need an electric guitar. I love my white acoustic (which is acoustic-electric -- it is acoustic, but you can plug it into an amp), and also I would never, ever want to disturb anyone in my house or neighborhood by rocking out on an amp -- but holding electric guitars tends to be far easier for me just due to their slim bodies, so that makes it easier for me to strike bar chords on them. I'm not seriously in the market per se, but I have to say, I would still like one.

I saw this beaut for $80 and seriously considered it!

It's a little worn and torn; it had an interesting hole drilled in it which made me wonder if it had been flipped by a lefty; it doesn't have a tremolo arm. Johnson is basically a Fender knock-off.

However, for how cheap they are, they place nicely, from what I understand, and I hardly intend to start a rock band. I played it and a couple of others, but I liked this one best... I'm thinking of it very longingly right now. For $80, I could have afforded it! But my mind's very cluttered right now, and since I know I don't need it, I couldn't think whether I should get it or not. Perhaps someday...


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