"It's Raining..."

Phh, I wish it was raining! Sometimes (like, a couple of times a week, at least) I go to RainyMood.com so I can be comforted by the sounds of pouring rain. That kind of weather makes me feel grateful to be inside, cozy. I really do feel like it legitimately brings me a sense of calm, like petting cats does for some people.

Life's been a tad overwhelming for me lately. But I only like to spread good vibes on my blog. It's my one real "happy place," if you know what I mean. I don't mean to be frustrating or vague by alluding that things aren't too great but then not saying why. I just know that "this too shall pass" so I don't need to unpack my baggage.

But this just really tickled me recently, so I wanted to post it, even if it's weird or atypical for my blog.

I covered my medicine bottles with washi tape and some Korean stickers that someone sent to me years ago!

It's not that I care about being discreet or that I need to cheer the bottles up, because I'm very appreciative of my meds. They're like my buds! I've been on both for many years, so they're just a normal part of life! But I find that having done this helps my eye more quickly spot which bottle to grab, or find where it might have gotten off to in my bedroom, if I've absent-mindedly set it someplace else, so it's actually been functionally useful.

I used to take a Sharpie and mark big bold letters on the plastic caps so I could tell which was which -- I don't always get the same sized bottles, for some reason, but either way it seemed like I was always grabbing the wrong bottle. This is much better. I think the stickers are also appropriate for the contents (anti-depressants and anti-anxiety... the blue one has a rainbow, and sparkles) and it makes me pleased to look at them.


  1. This is a cute idea! I've never heard of washi tape so I looked it up and it's super cute! Now I just need a reason to get some.