What's in a (Blythe) name?

Did I ever mention that my pink-haired factory Blythe has been named Clarke?

My Blythe family and organization compulsions are such that I like to have a sense of cohesion; I am aware of it when something doesn't seem to fit, even it may seem 100% random and arbitrary to others. I can take a long time to name girls now. I may like many names, but I feel like they have to suit the girl and suit my family.

I have a couple of girls with more unisex/masculine-leaning names -- Gavin and Drew. For some reason, this girl is just so dang cool. She should be more precious, or something, but maybe it's her dark rosy lips and somewhat dramatic eyelashes/eyeshadow. She's just cool. For compulsive reasons, I knew her name had to start with "C" and "Clark" seemed to come up for her immediately, but I added the "e" to give it that slight feminine edge.

I just so enjoy her pale coloring with her darker makeup and perfect pink hair. (Isn't it so long?) Discovering her style is definitely slow-going. Although I'm window-shopping, I haven't found a dress just for her yet!

By the way, this hat's in my Etsy shop. I just make these by request now that shipping is so expensive, but the buyer had some transaction difficulties in the end, so if anyone wants it, it's available! Not that I mind keeping it...