Everybody's free to wear PINK HAIR.

As I mentioned in my last post, I bleached my hair to go pink!! This morning, with some help from my mp3 player pumping out the Beach Boys and my little sister attentively applying color to the back of my head, I took the plunge.

I used two different pinks, both Special Effects -- Cupcake Pink and Atomic Pink -- and achieved a really varied spectrum. I had a hunch that the Cupcake Pink would tint my yellow-blonde hair peach. And it did! I applied it straight from the bottle, and basically used it all up with 30% of my hair left to go, mostly on the top of my head!

Unperturbed, I diluted Atomic Pink with some conditioner until it mostly resembled the hue of Cupcake Pink (so, I totally eyeballed it) and covered the rest, adding more dabs here and there. Since the dye was much less stiff, I massaged my hair quite a lot with my hands, pushing the dye around. (I was wearing latex gloves.) Then I popped a disposable plastic shower cap onto my head and let it sit for about two and a half hours, rinsed it with cold water in the sink, then showered as normal.

In person the differences between the hues are not so contrasted. It's pretty bubble gum-ish. I think once this starts to fade, I'll do the conditioner dilution with Atomic Pink again!

I have to say, I feel so, so happy and light! When my dad saw me, he said, "You know, I prefer that to the blonde! The blonde didn't fit your skin tone." As close to a compliment as he ever comes, haha. But I feel like this suits me, like it reflects my inside on my outside. I'm so happy I took such a risk!

Happy Independence Day, Americans!


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