Bea and my new gear.

Oh, you know my color compulsions! My new Fender Squier Affinity Stratocaster arrived a couple of days ago and I've been like, "Oh, I have to take pictures of Beatrix with it!" Haha! I want to do a series with all my instruments!!

But about this guitar: I'm really ridiculously happy with it! It's so pretty and cheery. I must confess that, aesthetically, I like having guitars that really feel like me (and not like I'm a 15-year-old boy starting a garage band). Although I haven't decided on an amp yet, I've been enjoying jamming on it without an amp enough to feel like I have to get one ASAP.

And I'm really wailing on it, for some reason! I tend to play very gently, and I only "ghost strum" -- I have ever since I began to learn how to play the guitar three years ago. That means I only strum downwards, and not up and down, like, you know... you're supposed to! I've never minded this, as I play the guitar strictly for myself and for its therapeutic benefits to me. I'm not joining a band anytime soon. But for some reason I feel more comfortable practicing strumming upwards on this instrument. And I feel comfortable really letting go on it. I can already tell it's helping me with my bar chords (although that is a constant work in progress).


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