Cold Shower Challenge

And now for something completely different:

I'm on day 12 of a 30-day Cold Shower Challenge! This is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Instead of hot showers, I'm taking cold showers every day.

I came about this challenge because I'm steadily active on HabitRPG -- a site that makes a rewarding game out of completing your to-do lists and taking care of your daily tasks. I absolutely love this site. As well as joining parties, which can keep you accountable because what you do affects the other members of your party, there are many groups you can join there. For instance, I'm in the groups Introverts, Mentally Ill, The Wordsmiths, The Overachievers, Life Hackers, and Knitting and Crocheting... amongst some others. People can create challenges for groups (such as to use up your stash, if you're in the Knitting and Crocheting group). This is a general Tavern challenge, open to anyone. 435 other players on HabitRPG are doing this challenge with me at the moment.

"I don't know how you can stand it! It sounds horrible!" my parents have both told me, which surprises me because I've been finding it so easy, and even pleasurable.

Only the first two showers had me wincing like a wimp and internally shrieking. By day 5 or so, it ceased bothering me beyond the first ten or so seconds in the shower -- especially because it's just a mental game. Honestly. If you think it's going to be horrid, it will probably be horrid. But I immediately envision that I'm a mermaid in a blue lagoon and that the cold water crashing down on me is from a waterfall. It instantly transforms the temperature from unwelcome to refreshing.

Cold water is supposed to be integral to keeping color in your hair, so this is great for me right now, anyway!   I had been trying to use cool water when rinsing my hair before I began this challenge anyway. Because I don't want to wash my hair every single day, I've been using a shower cap for the first time ever and am finding that more bizarre than anything... I guess I'm just used to washing my hair every time I shower. I don't like to wash my hair more than twice a week. However, I really like the feeling of cold water hitting my head, so I look forward to hair washing days. It really does remind me of summertime when I was younger, going to the pool and rinsing off in the showers 'fore and aft. I think dousing your head immediately also goes a long way in getting the rest of your body quickly adjusted to the cold.

There supposedly are lots of benefits to taking cold showers. I'm no scientist, so I can't really make factual statements, but I repeatedly see people state that they're good for your circulation and good for your skin and hair. Also, you shower faster when you are taking a cold shower, and it's good to use less water.

In fact, I've cut my shower time down to under 4 minutes for shower cap days and under 7 minutes for days when I am washing my hair. (I've actually been timing it every day.) When I'm in there for 6 minutes, I actually feel like I've been in there forever already, and am shocked when I get out and my phone timer tells me I took under 7 minutes. I never really timed myself taking a hot shower, but if I had to guess, I would peg it more at 12-15 minutes. Minutes really stack up when you're just standing there.

Anyway, this is an odd post, I know, but I've really been enjoying this challenge. It's easy, it's super-invigorating, really helps me feel energized, and is helping me beat the end-of-the-summer heat.


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